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About Us

We call every experience with us... a pARTi



Our mission is to network with pARTners making the arts accessible, affordable, educational, and fun for diverse creatives of all ages.



We agree with Picasso that, "every child is an artist" but add that, "every adult is really a child at heart" so let's set that artist free! The Arts Corner KIDZ Network Inc. is a 501(c) (3) organization, committed to serving the children of Jacksonville communities and other areas of North Florida. This not-for-profit organization is expanding its programs to bring awareness of the importance of THE ARTS in the lives of children.

The Arts Corner KIDZ Network Inc. acts as a vehicle to connect members of our network including The Arts Corner LLC. and other arts agencies. Our non-profit corporation believes involvement in The ARTS can reduce crime, dropout rates and help alleviate some behavioral problems over time in people of all ages.


The corporation was founded in December 2016 but did not fully function independently until May when it received the not-for-profit status



The Executive Arts Director Andrea is dedicated to put the A.R.T.s back in the Northeast Florida area. Through collaborative efforts with organizations, companies and individuals, the Arts Corner has, and continues to encourage creativity for all ages. "While we agree with Picasso's vision that 'Every child is an artist'," she explains, "our Mission Statement extends to include... 'and every adult is a child at heart'."


The Arts Corner provides unique Art experiences, encourages Recreational creativity and Teaches classes for individuals and groups of all ages. It also provides after-school enrichment programs in several schools in the Northeast Florida area.

Executive Arts Director

Andrea Davis


Yellow to Blue Gradient

Interested in Donating?

We invite you to pARTner with us, make a taxable donation to help local families and organizations in N.E. Florida.

Art is essential and creativity is necessary to promote mental, emotional, spiritual and physical balance (harmony) and well-being.

The Arts Corner KIDZ network Inc. (501c3) provides scholarships to students for art/painting clubs/classes, plus discounts to painting pARTi(s), field trips and community events. These reduced prices help make the Arts affordable, accessible, educational and fun.

Please support us as we enrich the lives of individuals of all ages, socioeconomic levels and abilities.

Send the gift of creativity to a family. It's never too late. Every act of generosity is appreciated and please know that many will be blessed.

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