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Payment Authorization Agreement

  • I authorize The Arts Corner to withdraw tuition each month for the art class or paint club to which you are registered.

  • I understand that tuition is due each month to ensure that my art student does not miss the art session. I also understand that payment is due before the student will be able to participate in any of the enrolled TAC activities.

  • Sessions are not prorated due to your student’s absence, conflicting activities or building closures or even withdrawal.

  • Registration is not complete until ALL terms have been accepted and payment has been made.

  • I understand that in order to withdraw the art student from the art class/paint club, I must submit a 30-day written notice by filling out the Cancellation of Membership Form or sending us an email with the information (student / Ward’s name, date withdrawing, class/club, and parent/Wards name.

  • I authorize payment to be deducted from my PayPal, debit or credit card with the information submitted.

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