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Creating recycled art within the community


The Arts Corner KIDZ Network Inc. presents ‘Creacycle 2019’ a FREE Community Arts Activity. Sponsored by various corporate and local business or organizations. This Arts activity occurs every 5th Saturday on the Calendar for 2019.

It highlights several artists who use recycled materials to create and we offer workshops, over the two days, for both adults and children. The Arts Corner KIDZ Network Inc. hosts an exhibit of the primary guest Artist’s work which opens the Friday evening before the 5th weekend of Crēacycle workshops and the artist also offers a short lecture during the opening. Join us for the first of four (4) Crēacycle sessions for the year, entitled “Joy with paper” the artist to be featured is Dr. Yvonne Crichton and the workshops will include origami, papier machè, sculpture, paper jewelry making, and paper flower making.


To find out a little about Yvonne please see the link below:


                 Joy with paper                  Dr. Yvonne Crichton                Englewood, N.J.

FREE ADMISSION but reservations are required
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