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Thank you for your interest in our After-School Art Clubs. We look forward to an exciting and very creative time this year.


Where there’s fun for everyone!


We’ve included some answers to frequently asked questions. Here’s the link to the registration page on our website for your convenience:

If you still have questions please contact us. (904) 521-1870. Or email us at:

This is an exciting opportunity for your child, we hope to see them in one of our After-school Art Clubs.


Frequently Asked Questions


What are the After-School Art Clubs offered? The clubs are places where students can explore various creative techniques and processes, learn about several world cultures, artists, art movements, as well as develop useful technical and critical thinking skills. But, most of all, it’s a place that’s fun for everyone.


How often do you meet and for how long? We meet once a week for about 1 hour. We allow 10 minutes for snacks after school.

How many teachers are in the room? There are a minimum of 2 adults per session


What days and times are available?   (Days vary per school and club)  Please email us for details    


What about school closings or other incidents affecting Art Club days? When school is closed for any reason or inclement weather cancels after-school activities there will be no after-school art club. No refunds or transfers will be allowed for any reason.

How much does membership cost? Membership varies from  $38.00 - $58 per month (a materials fee may also be required)

When and how often do we pay? Fees are due by the first of the month through automatic deductions for your convenience. See our online payment page for details.

Are there other fees? There is an annual materials fee with most clubs. (The Arts Corner covers the rest of the materials fees), please see contract. You also may have the option to divide the second semester materials fee into small monthly increments added to your payments when you sign up.

What do we need to do to register? Use the link below to register online. Registration is not complete until payment is made.


Are the students expected to bring anything (for instance, protective clothing)? It is advised that each student keep a large shirt in their backpacks on art club days to be used as protection for their uniform. Disposable aprons are provided by the art club as added protection however they may not always be available, so having an “art shirt” is advised. All resource materials are provided by the club and any added materials needed outside of what you your fees cover.

When does Art Club start? Art Club starts the week after Labor Day of September (see extra day in October)

After school E.R. begins the first Early Release Wednesday of the school year.


How long will it last during the school year? Art Clubs last until the last week of May.

What are the procedures for start and end as well as pick up of students? We start in the assigned room, students line up at the door. (NOTE: some schools meet in the cafeteria then go to the assigned room and line up at the door). All members will receive procedures for beginning and dismissal details and will be notified by the beginning of the club.

For those NOT in the school's aftercare program will snacks be provided? No. We advise that students pack an added snack for after school art club time. During the opening, session at the beginning, is an excellent time for snacks.

What about multiple children is there a sibling discount? Yes. Those that indicate multiple children on their registration or interest form will be notified specifically of our sibling discount. If interested please contact us:

Can my child attend more than one club? Yes. Sign up for a weekly art club and add just $20 (save $18, materials fee included) to attend the After-school Art club E.R. (Early Release) days. This club adds painting on canvas board experiences and meets right after school on early release days.


If the classes are full how does the waiting list work? Class size is limited. Each month students that opt out or are displaced (for example due to non-payment) create vacancies that are filled by students on the waiting list. If your child has been placed on the waiting list you will be notified and then contacted when openings occur. The club operates on a first-come, first-served basis. Remember: Registration is not complete until payment is made.


What if I need to cancel membership? As the contract states, we require 30 days’ notice, in writing, prior to cancellation. Materials fees are not refunded.

 Are there any other opportunities for children's art classes outside of school? Yes.  We offer Saturday art school for 3rd grade and up from 1:00 - 2:30pm at our studio. We have a community art club also at that time for all ages. Finally, we have a KIDZONE where art/ crafts can be created for only $5 per session. ($20/ month membership) KIDZONE times vary ask for details (does not include painting on canvas).

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