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The Arts Corner KIDZ Network Inc.

Andrea Davis, Certified Instructor



Parent/Guardian- Provider Contract

Payment for After School Art Club, Fine Art Club, or E.R. club or pARTi paint kit*:

A payment per child or per kit is due monthly the date of sign-up. We accept payments through PayPal; you can set up scheduled automatic payments and reminders through PayPal.

Sibling discount: One registration/membership fee of $20 is required per new family, saving the family $$

Additional Fees/Late Fees: materials fee is included in the monthly fees. The registration/membership fee is paid with the first monthly fee. This fee covers some of the cost of all supplies and equipment that will be needed. 

There will be a $10 reinstatement fee charged for any accounts that must be reinstated due to nonpayment. If no payment is received and it is after the 3-day mark, you will lose your place on the list and the next person on the waiting list will take their spot.


We require that written notice be given one month prior to withdrawal from any club or monthly kit subscription.



I/we have read The Arts Corner KIDZ Network Inc. procedures and policies contract and comply with all the provisions contained therein. At this time, I/we shall enter into the contract with Art Corner/TAC KIDZ Network Inc. for after school art club or monthly paint kits for the people/child(ren) listed above. This contract is in effect until a change is mutually agreed upon in writing or upon termination of care. This contract is subject to review and renewal in one year. This contract will remain in effect until the renewal date or upon termination of care.

  • I have read over The Arts Corner KIDZ Network Inc./TAC Payment and fees section and comply with all the policies.

  • I agree to pay the monthly fees (per year) which include materials / supply fees.

  • I understand the terms and conditions of the late fees. In the case that I am late, I guarantee to pay the $10 reinstatement fee. If I am more than 3 days late I understand my child may be dropped from the program and the next child on the waiting list will be given his/her spot in the arts club.

  • I agree with the termination regulations and agree to comply with all policies and procedures.




The Arts Corner KIDZ Network Inc.


By electronically signing this contract, parents/guardians and provider agree to abide by the written policies as stated above.

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