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The Weekly After School Art Clubs

We encourage global awareness and recognize our diversity by celebrating our similarities. In doing so, we learn to appreciate that which makes us Americans.


We recognize the need for more critical thinkers and we use art to engage students in high level activities that challenge, motivate, and encourage students to think as they creatively synthesize to problem solve.


We believe that character building is essential to the development of young minds. We engage in community-related activities to avert confrontational situations, reduce bullying, stress, promote cooperative learning, and nurture students to become productive and perceptive young members of our society.


We also display works, award high achievers, and inspire young leaders.

$25 Painting Clubs

Saturday Fine Art ClASS

Building dynamic portfolios one assignment at a time

6th grade & up - Saturdays - 1 hr & 30 mins

Our young artists discover new artists and learn art techniques through the use of various media. Most of all... they have fun!

Our Focus in The After School Art Club

Cultural Awareness and Discovery:

“Cultures among us”


Video and discussion time involves an introduction to a ‘culture among us’. In an effort to promote an understanding of each highlighted culture a wonderful interactive video from a series is presented in fun and fast-paced educational segments that celebrate the culture. Students will learn facts on the geography, history, language, arts and the heritage of various Americans within our communities. It is important to note that we try to do this not in a way which fosters a tourist mentality, focusing on differences and running the risk of making the culture seem exotic and thus even strange – instead we embrace similarities and celebrate the beauty and uniqueness that we can learn from and embrace to help make our “Salad bowl” of American culture more real to us.

Sometimes schools focus on the unique aspects of another country’s traditions, and fail to show the kids that people in that country use technology, have professional jobs, and have similarities between their lives and ours. They may not make the connection that people of that heritage can also be American.


We have selected the following American sub-cultures for this club:


Irish Americans,Hispanic Americans, Caribbean Americans, Pacific Island Americans, Asian Americans,  African Americans, Arab Americans, Native Americans, Indian Americans, and Jewish Americans.

Character traits:



Character trait discussions and illustrations will be targeted for this year-long club where students will be challenged and recognized.


September:   Respect

October:       Trustworthiness

November:    Thankfulness

December:    Kindness

January:        Responsibility

February:      Forgiveness

March:           Patience

April:             Humility

May:             Self control

Critical thinking and Problem solving skills:


Students will use critical thinking skills and problem solving to create unique works of art or simple crafts that reflect an understanding or some influence of the art from the culture introduced.

Our Goals

Our year-long after school activities seek to meet the following goals and objectives:


Our students will …



  • Learn global awareness as we look at select cultures



  • Improve their critical thinking and problem solving skills



  •  Develop creative techniques in art



  • Build character



Our Staff

The club is facilitated by Ms. Davis a certified K-12 Art Teacher with over 30 years’ experience.  In addition, other certified and skilled teachers and assistants will be available to lead the students during the sessions.


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